☼: April 22, 2015
HD: A/A  |  ED: 0/0  |  PRA: free (2020)
Excellent, res.CAC
Height: 59 cm  |  Weight 24 kg
MH (dog mentality assessment)
Best working Airedale Terrier 2019 (SE)
Best working Terrier 2019 (SE)

☼: July 19, 2018
HD: B/B  |  ED: 0/0  |  PRA: free (2020)
Height: 59 cm  |  Weight 25 kg
BPH (behavior and personality assessment in dogs)

11 puppies born September 18th, 2020. 
4 males and 7 females. 1 male and 1 female stillborn. 1 very small and weak female died after 2 days.

Elza is born in my first Airedale litter and is the daughter of our very special and very beloved Isi. Isi’s father Eyk von Erikson should not need any further introduction for the fellow Airedale enthusiast with his enormous success in the IPO arena and participation in FCI World championship several times. He is the most successful Airedale terrier of all times within IPO dog sports. Elza’s father Ayk von Erikson has also had great success in IPO and comes from a super strong line of successful and well known working dogs. My E-litter consists of 4 females and 2 females, in which all are x-rayed HD: A/A and ED: 0/0. They have all done dog mentality assessments with a super score showing strong nerves and playfulness. 
Elza is mainly trained in Nordic Working dog trials in tracking in which she has succeeded greatly and at the time competes at the highest level (elite class). She was awarded Working Airedale terrier of the Year 2019 (SE) and Working Terrier of the Year 2019 (SE) for her results achieved in 2019. She has also trained and competed in Obedience and Nosework, and has also been tried in protection work in which she showed great promise. Elza has also been shown 2 times with excellent and res.CAC. She is a healthy dog without any illnesses or health issues, is x-rayed HD: A/A and ED: 0/0 and has a healthy conformation and a harsh coat of the moderately pigmented type. She is free for PRA or other inherited eye diseases (from 2020, with remark punctate partial cortex cataract, of mild type. Not hereditary. Caused by injury several years ago). She is a female on the larger side being 59 cm tall and weighing 24 kilos. 
Kaschpa was imported from Germany to Sweden in 2018 and is a young boy who just turned 2 years old at the time of breeding. Thus he has not yet started his sport career. At only 16 months of age he however wowed the judges and audience when doing his BPH (behavior and personality assessment in dogs), and his performance is one of the best I have ever seen. He showed that he is totally bullet proof and completely unafraid, he is delightful curious and have loads of playfulness and drive. He is concentrated and focused, has great social skills around people and other dogs and is easily motivated to work. His pedigree is another reason why I did not even think twice about adding this dog to my breeding program. His mother is Lulu’s Frollein Willma who have had a succsessfull ports career herself, and her equally sucsessfull litter brother Lulu’s Fin-Fiete is currently making his mark in Germany on the working line breeding program. Kaschpa’s maternal grandfather is the succsessfull Jonny vom Miekenberg and his paternal grandfather is the highly successfull and well known Don vom Treffenwald. He is as healthy as they come without any illnesses or health issues, is x-rayed HD: B/B and ED: 0/0 and has a healthy conformation and a harsh and short coat of the quite pigmented type. He is free for PRA or other inherited eye diseases (2020) altough he got a remark one single soft eye hair on each upper eyelid (mild distichiasis). Treatment (cryosurgery) will probably not be necessary as he has never shown any symptoms and it was not discovered before the routine ECVO. Distichiasis can occour every now and then within the breed, however it is probably not very common. Mildly affected dogs are recommended in breeding with partners free for Distichiasis. Kaschpa is a male on the medium side currently being 59 cm tall and weighing 25 kilos. 
The litter will be in cooperation with Elza’s owner Maria Juslin, and we are both exited to see what this combination will bring. Thank you Maria for giving me the chance to include Elza in my breeding! And thank you to Pia Gerdin for allowing us to use your precious boy!
We expect the combination to give us mentally strong dogs wrapped in a healthy conformation, with the extra willingness to please and great motivation for work. The pedigree consists of some of the best working airedales in Europe with many well proven breeding dogs. 
Extended pedigree and more info about the relatives are to be found here: https://www.working-dog.com/breed/Wayosi-200096
Feel free to contact us in order to get to know more about this promising combination.
Lulu’s Kaschpa
Toni tom Kyle
Don vom Treffenwald
Maik vom Morgenstern
Bora vom Treffenwald
BH IPO 3 FH 1 FH 2
Odett tom Kyle
Murphy vom Auhammer
Imme tom Kyle
BH AD IPO 1 IPO 2 FH 2 FPr 1 FPr 3 IGP 3
Lulu’s Frollein Willma
Jonny vom Miekenberg
Boss vom Miekenberg
Cindy vom Miekenberg
Lulu’s Cleine Süsse
Arno von Thekla
Indira von Erikson
Wayosi Eimhir Elza
BH AD IPO 3 FH 2 FPr 1
Ayk von Erikson
BH AD IPO 3 Mondio 2 Mondio 3
Zander von der Heinrichsburg
Dasty vom Treffenwald
Paula von der Heinrichsburg
BH AD IPO 2 FH 1 FH 2 FPr 3
Wilhelmine von Erikson
Othello von der Laubenhaid
Ronja vom Morgenstern
D’Isolde von de Drift
Eyk von Erikson
Hobby vom Morgenstern
Artemis Finesse
Gismara von der Christinenheide
Ilko von der Krebsförde
Charlotte von der Christinenheide