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Last show of the year

December 30, 2016

December 28 and 29 we attended the last show of the year in Norway. I had entered Pippi, Chaco and Allie, and in addition Nala was entered. 

First out was Pippi who had her debut in junior class, and she showed her self in a super way, standing like she had never done other and was happy and alert as only Pippi can be. She was rewarded excellent and won the class, but did not get an CQ due to the judge wanted her color to be a little clearer. But that’s the color Pippi is.. 

Nala was entered in intermediate class, and did a great figure as always. She runs with super contact to her owner Caroline, so it’s not difficult to see that she is obediance trained 😉 Nala received an very good with a nice critique, but at the moment she is very unmature in her body, and she is also a very elegant female on the smaller side. But she is always happy and self confident in the ring, and has no problems with being checked by the judge, or with the other dogs. She is such a sweet girl! 

The next day we had the Airedales entered. Chaco was first out in intermediate class, and this was also his first entry to an official show. He did a great figure, and even if his show training are very limited he behaved like a pro and got excellent with CQ and was placed as best male 2 behind an champion. This gave us our first national CAC, which made me really proud of our young monkey Chaco! The judge Per Kristian Andersen also said that he would become a really nice male when maturing even more, and I was happy to hear that. In addition Chaco really showed his superb temperament by calmly laying down on the floor while people and other dogs where walking past him. He is so cool in his head, and has such a sweet character towards both people and other dogs. 

Next up was Allie, also in intermediate class and also first show entry. She was a little to intense and interested in the treats, so she was jumping a little bit during movement, and had a little struggle with standing still in front of the judge. But bearing in mind she have had one training session before, I have to say that she impressed me! She was awarded excellent, but the judge wanted her to mature more. But he also said that she had some good qualities, and would become a good looking dog with age. Her coat was not in super show condition at the moment, but hopefully my grooming skills develops slightly during the spring 😉 

December 30th, 2016|

Visiting Maggie’s puppies at Kennel Kawanda

December 6, 2016

Last weekend my mother and I travelled to Stockholm to look at Maggie‘s 5 puppies, at my good friend Hanna Karlsson (Kennel Kawanda). The puppies are out of Wayosi A Kind of Magic x Shelridge Aussie Rebel, and they were 33 days when we were visiting. I was happy to see that they are social, curious and playful and Maggie is a super mum, just like she was with our C-litter. The puppies also shows great exterior promise, and even if some has ridgefault, one shouldn’t be surprised if I would include some of them in my breeding plans in the future 😉

December 6th, 2016|

Pippi HD and ED free!

November 29, 2016

Pippis results from the HD (hip dysplasia) and ED (elbow dysplasia) x-ray has come back, and we are happy to see that she is free for both HD and ED, with HD: A/B and ED:0/0! 

November 29th, 2016|

Maggies puppies are here!

November 9, 2016

Finally they have arrived, the little halloween monsters after Maggie and Rebel (Shelridge Aussie Rebel) at Kawanda Kennel in Sweden.
Maggie carried 7 puppies, but two males were unfortunately stillborn. Left in the puppy box are 2 males (both correct) and 3 females (1 correct, 1 with multicrowns and 1 ridgeless). What a perfect little litter, you are going to have such a nice time with these puppies Hanna!

November 9th, 2016|

Upcoming litter in Sweden

October 30, 2016

Amazing Maggie are having her second litter in just a couple of days, at Kawanda kennel in Sweden. 
The pedigree consists of two of Europe’s most merited working ridgebacks, Rebel and Maggies dad, Sheriff. Maggie herself has also got working titles as well as good results from the show ring, as well as her daughter Ninja. Maggie is the 5th generation ridgeback with working-achievements and -titles in her lines. If you are interested in a puppy, contact: Hanna Karlsson or have a look at

IMG 3069kawanda a_v14webRebelMPweb MLH4746

October 30th, 2016|

New working results for the Wayosies

October 28, 2016

Since our last updates on working trials, we have gotten some new titles! Tesla and Nixon now has earned their RL1 title for taking 3 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1, and Ninja earned her RL2 title for taking 3 1.prizes in rally obedience class 2. Nala has gotten 2 1.prizes in RL1, and just need one more 1.prize for her RL1 title. Maggie earned her SEVCH (swedish blood tracking champion) title after taking 3 1.prizes in blood tracking.

I entered Ninja in RL3 at a competition in Eidsvoll, but because we had not trained much on the class 3 exercises I didn’t even expect to come around the course without being disqualified to to many repetitions or faulty execution. But Ninja had a lot of fun in the ring, and we almost knew all the exercises and we managed to get a 2.prize and was placed as #2 in the class! The day after we attended LP1 (obedience class 1), and without the biggest energy and motivation, I was quite happy with our 3.prize, only a few points from a 2.prize.

Nixon has also made us very proud, and has become approved as a visitor dog in the Norwegian Red Cross!


October 28th, 2016|

Article about kennel Wayosi

October 27, 2016

During the summer I was interviewed by the norwegian dog magazine “Hund & Fritid”. The article can be read HERE. There were also taken some photos which I really loved, by photographer Mike Hillingseter.

IMG 2192IMG 2193IMG 2196IMG 2198IMG 2199IMG 2201IMG 2200IMG 2202

October 27th, 2016|

Some new photos of Pippi

October 12, 2016

During the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress Show in Lund, Sweden, Monika Pehr took some photos of Pippi while she was shown in the puppy class, 8 months of age. Pippi is turning into a stunning young girl, even though she has more black hairs on her neck and tail tip than many appreciate. But for me this is just a minor detail, and I was well aware when I bought her as a young puppy that she would end up with this color palette. But I haven’t regretted my decision one single time, as she has the most wonderful personality and temper, and she has a body structure I just can’t stop looking at. She is everything I hoped for, and more! She has very strong bones, stands on tight and strong paws, everything on her body just flows into each other and she is balanced all over. Now she is 1 year old on just a couple of days, and we will do HD- and ED-xrays before christmas. 

160701RRWC MP06048-168160701RRWC MP06049-169160701RRWC MP06059-176edit160701RRWC MP06063-178

October 12th, 2016|

MT for Chaco, Allie, Nala and Storm

September 24, 2016

Friday, September 23 was spent deep in the Swedish woods together with judges and other ridgeback breeders for the annual MT (mentality test) arranged by Svenske Jägareforbundet. We had Chaco, Allie, Nala and Storm with us and they all did a very good test, taken into account their young age at 17 months and the quite stressful test this is. Both test protocols and video from the test can be found on each dogs own page.

The star of the day was without any doubt Allie, who did an absolutely wonderful test, showing her great nerves, with curiosity and playfullness, great concentration, no fears what so ever and great self esteem. Even if Allie is a family dog, and not trained and competed in dog sports, this test shows us that she has all the right qualities to be a successful working dog. And not to forget, that a dog with great nerves also is the best family dog, which is also just as important! For me it’s great to see that next generation of working line Airedales in Norway is secured! 

Nala showed her self just like we thought, and showed that she’s playful and very lively, very good nerves with good concentration and no remaining fears. She still needs to mature in her head, and when she does she will end up just as good as her mother Kiwi

The boys Chaco and Storm both did similar test, even though they are of two different breeds. They both showed that they are playful and happy, with few and no remaining fears. But the concentration wasn’t the best at the moment, and it was not difficult to see that there are quite some flies in the boys head at the time being 😉 When their puberty has landed, bot boys will for sure end up as solid male dogs with solid nerves. We are looking forward to their nest MT in a couple of years! 


September 24th, 2016|

Kennelweekend at the mountains

August 29, 2016

We have had a great weekend in the mountains at Skeikampen this weekend, together with our extended family. In total we had 17 dogs and 12 families attending, and it was quite a sight when everyone walked in a long line over the mountain! In the afternoon on saturday we had a funny competition before putting up the party tent and barbequeing together. This have become somewhat a tradition for us, and next year I’m looking forward to gathering the Wayosies again!

 MLH4860IMG 2741IMG 2713IMG 2736

August 29th, 2016|

The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress

July 2, 2016

The last 4 years I have worked with the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 in Lund, Sweden together with the rest of the RRWC16 committee from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. As we were only ladies in this committee, it has been a real “girl power” committee, and even though we are all different personalities, we have worked very well together, and we are very proud of what we have managed to pull trough! On the website you can follow the entire planning of the congress, and the entire program we put together as well as the congress program, are published and open for everyone to take part of. 

We had over 200 participants, from over 20 different countries, from all over the world and the congress hotel Scandic Star Lund was filled with rhodesian ridgeback enthusiasts the whole week. From what we experienced everyone was having a great time, discussing important topics and socializing with people that shares the same interests. I couldn’t imagine spending my vacation in a better way! 

Pippi and Ninja joined us at the congress, and I am thrilled with how these young girls behaved throughout the event. They spent quietly the days in the hotel room, making no noice and just relaxing, and joining me for a long walk in the nearby forest during the early mornings or late afternoon. Afterwards they politely followed me in the hotel lobby, cuddling with other people and steeling a small taste of some local beer from the low sofa tables in the lobby. They also attended the Norwegian and Swedish congress shows, showing themselves nicely.

Sheriff’s young son Fimbe (Oppigårdens Fimbul), brother to our own Penny, won the puppy class at the congress show in Sweden with a lovely critique, and became a little mascot of the congress with his sweet and loving personality, and his perfect size that fitted every lap perfectly 🙂 

logorrwc160701RRWC02160701RRWC05160701RRWC06160701RRWCFimbe MPvote160701RRWC MP06048-168160701RRWC MP06059-176edit

July 2nd, 2016|

Chaco’s first show

June 11, 2016

This weekend we had entered Chaco to his first show at the Airedale Open Show in Drammen. I was a little bit worried if he would be very interested in all the other dogs and would loose his concentration, but he totally surprised me and was behaving like a pro! He stood like a statue in the ring, only focusing on me and the treats. Outside the ring he wanted to kiss and cuddle with every people, and just wanted to play with the other dogs. Just like the wonderful dog we know him as from home. He was awarded excellent 1 in his class wita wonderful critique from judge Espen Engh, and was also given certificate quality. We were shotlisted in Best Male as 5th best male, but that is for sure a nice debut going against all the good looking and well trimmed males! 

 MLH4535 MLH4371 MLH4387 MLH4407

June 11th, 2016|

BPH with the B- and C-litter

May 23, 2016

This weekend we traveled to Sweden together with 11 Wayosies from the B- and C-litter for their BPH (behaviour and personality test). I want to say a BIG thank you to all my fantastic puppy owners for taking time to travel here with us, it means the world to me!

All dogs did a good test, and even though they are all different individuals with their own personality, they all have good nerves with no remaining fears. Thanks to these tests, I know what I would have to have in foucus when planning my further litters. And thanks to these tests, the owners of these dogs knows a little more about their dogs, even if the results of the test did not surprise many of them 😉   

Photos from the BPH can be seen HERE. Each dogs page are updated with protocol and video of the test, the B-litter HERE  and the C-litter HERE.



May 23rd, 2016|

Nala showing her paws in the obedience ring

May 6, 2016

Several Wayosises are starting to show their paws in the competition rings, and that makes me very happy! No matter what the results are, I am happy to see that they give it a try. And off course it makes me very proud when they have success in different types of dog sports.

Nala (Wayosi Dolly Dagger), our co-owned female from the D-litter passed the NKK’s bronze mark in obedience when she was barely 9 months old. Then she entered her first rally obedience class 1 last weekend where she was rewarded with a 1.prize with 187/200 points only 1 year old. Sister Tesla and half brother Nixon are also chasing that last 1.prize in rally obediemce class 1, to recieve the RL1 title. Keep going, we are cheering on you! 🙂


May 6th, 2016|

Nicki received her second CAC!

April 24, 2016

I had the pleasure of showing Nicki (Wayosi Could It Be Magic) on national dog show in Eidsvoll this weekend. She received excellent 1 with CQ and CAC on Saturday, but “only” excellent on Sunday. This means Nicki has gotten 2 “small” CAC’s from 4 shows entered, and she needs to get one NKK CAC to fulfill her champion title. Same applies for her sister Ninja as well, so I guess we will be chasing those “big” CAC’s this year! 

It’s a pleasure showing Nicki and even though she has hardly had any training at all standing still, being touched and looked at teeth by strangers, she managed very well and wagged her tail and jumped like a silly puppy around in the ring 🙂 A little more training are needed before competing with the “big girls”. 


April 24th, 2016|

New title for Ninja!

April 14, 2016

Today I had signed Ninja up for the FCI BH trial (begleithundtest/ferdselsprøve). BH is a trial which I know of only one other Rhodesian Ridgeback in Norway who has passed this trial before, and thats her grandfather Sheriff

The test consists of temperament test, companion test on the training field, heeling on leash, helling off leash, sit exercise, down in connection with recall and down under distraction. It also consists of testing in traffic, encounter with a group of people, encounter with bicyclist, encounter with cars, encounter with joggers or inline skaters, encounter with other dogs and behaviour of the tethered dog towards other animals when left alone. For a slower and less motivated dog like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the obedience in this test are really not an easy task. But I’m proud to say that Ninja passed the test, and at the age of 21 months she can add her second title to her name. Her new name is now RL1 BH Wayosi Chattahoochee! 


April 14th, 2016|

Isi won her last leg for the RL3 title!

April 3, 2016

I had entered Ninja and Isi to rally obedience competition in Drammen today, in class 2 and 3 respectively. In addition had Tesla and Nixon been entered in class 1, and I had gotten stricted commands to not come before they had finished their rounds, because they can’t concentrate with me around 😉 But these young dogs did a great job, and I am very proud of them and their owners! Tesla managed to get 170/200 points, which means her second a 1.prize in class 1. Nixon was a little to curious about the smells in the floor, but managed to get 164/200 points, just a couple of points from his third 1.prize and the RL1 title. But next time! 🙂

Ninja was first out for , and after a rather disapointing round last time a couple of weeks ago, I had a great feeling this time, and Ninja followed me nicely round the whole course. We got some points penalties here and there, but ended up with 180 points, which gave us our first leg towards the RL2 title, and promotion to class 3. 

Isi was first contestant in class 3, and because she is quite energetic, she needs a good preparation before entering the ring. I briefed half time, and used 5 minutes of briefing time to prepare Isi and getting her down to earth. When it was time to enter the ring, she felt a little unfocused, but with her perfect attitude as always. We had a great round, and in the end 3 had the same points, but we were the fastest and ended up winning the class with 198 points! This was our last leg towards the RL3 title, and Isi’s name is now NH RL1 RL2 RL3 D’Isolde von de Drift. Next time we will try out in elite class 🙂

160403Isi1160403Drammen1160402NinjaIsi1IMG 1003

April 3rd, 2016|

Welcome to Norway, Penny!

March 14, 2016

January 15, 2016 Sheriff became a daddy again, at the age of 10,5 years. Oppigårdens Hjärter Ess was mated naturally, and the result was 7 correct puppies. We just couldn’t resist, and we are super happy to present Oppigårdens Snöflinga ~ Penny as a new member of the Wayosi family! She is co-owned with Anette and Kjetil who lives just 5 minutes from us, and hopefully she will be a part of our breeding program in the future. 

160313Penny2 160313Penny4 160313Penny6 160313Penny8

March 14th, 2016|

Welcome to Norway, Pippi!

February 21, 2016

In 2015 I came across a planned litter that contained some lines I had been curious about for some time, and my good friend Hanna said “why don’t you buy a puppy?” So I kept a close eye on the combination, and as time went by the idea seemed less and less crazy. Lucky for me, the breeder Hanka Pankova was interested in sending a puppy to Norway, and 2 days before Christmas, I went to Prague, Czech to take a look at the puppies. I got a warm welcome by the breeder and her family, and I was very impressed by the lovely temperament of the dogs in the house, who are mother, auntie and grandmother of the puppies. So the decision was easy; this was lines I wanted to include in my kennel. There was especially one little special puppy that caught my eye, with her dark eyes and confident personality. So it had to be her, no matter what! Filippa Rouge Qwandoya is her name, and she is after Bayo´s Diamond for Qwandoya and Aston Martin Cieply Dom. Her pedigree consists of Scandinavian, American, Canadian, South African and Czech lines, many of them new to me. I want to thank Hanka Pankova at Qwandoya kennel for the trust in sending her to me, and to Nikola Pankova for keeping her safe for me until she was old enough to enter Norway.

As I wanted her to have a strong name, I decided to call her after another strong personality, Pippi Longstocking. So Pippi is her call name, and she seems to live up to that name 🙂 Welcome to Norway Pippi, we can’t wait to get to know you better! 

Ninja joined me to pick her up, and with her self assured and calm temper, she was a great support for Pippi on her long journey home to Norway. 

 MLH0815 MLH2449 MLH2465 MLH2467 


February 21st, 2016|

Isi 195/200 points in RL3

February 1, 2016

This weekend I had entered Isi (D’Isolde von de Drift) and Ninja (Wayosi Chattahoochee) in Rally Obedience class 3 and 2 respectively. First out was Ninja, but sadly I forgot a sit, and this disqualified us.. Without it we would have had a 1.prize. Then Isi entered class 3, and we had a veru nice flow and a nice round, and managed to get 195/200 points, and got our first leg towards the RL3 title and promotion to elite class! What great dogs I have!

February 1st, 2016|

Working Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2015!

January 22, 2016

The Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club has a list over ridgebacks that attends different dog sport competitions, to motivate owners to train and compete with their dogs. Rhodesian Ridgeback is not the easiest dog to train and compete with, as they always has their own will and own way of doing things 😉 But I think it is wonderful to see that people are trying their best, and that they enter their dogs to competitions. In 2015 there was 23 ridgebacks that had attended one or more dogs sports as obedience, rally obedience, nordic working trials, agility or field tracking in Norway, and each sport has it’s own “best of” list. There are as well an “most versatile” list, where you compete with the best result obtained in each dog sport, and the dogs are ranked after how many dog sports they have attended, and how many points in total. I’m proud to say that we had 3 dogs on the lists, and I hope we have even more in 2016! Sheriff is by far the oldest dog on this list, and I am proud to see his name as #9 on the Rally Obedience list of 2015, wit only 3 starts. Not bad for the old man! 🙂

Wayosi Chattahoochee ~ Ninja:
– 3rd Most Versatile RR 2015
– 8th best Rally Obedience dog

Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff
– 13th Most Versatile RR 2015
– 9th best Rally Obedience dog

Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive ~ Nixon
– 14th Most Versatile RR 2015
– 3rd best Rally Obedience dog


January 22nd, 2016|

We welcome 7 new puppies after Sheriff!

January 16, 2016

We are happy to announce the arrival of 7 little (big!) wonders (3 males, 4 females) from wonderful Oppigårdens Hjärter Ess (Lai), sired by our grand old man Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff, after natural mating at the age of 10,5 years old ❤
All puppies seems correct so far, and we also have one livernosed female. Looking forward to see them grow up! Congratulations to Eva Bryntse at Oppigårdens kennel with this litter!


January 16th, 2016|

First dog show of the year

January 11, 2016

Last week Ninja and I jumped in the car and drove to Gothenburg to attend MyDog dog show Thursday and Friday. In Gothenburg we met up with Ninja’s mother Maggie and her owner Hanna. We had 2 very nice days together, and also got to meet Maggies sister Juno and her owners Emma and Sebastian! Thank you for the lovely dinner! 🙂 

Maggie recieved Excellent both days, for 2 very strict judges. She was also placed as number 2 in open class with CQ both days. Ninja received Very Good the first day, and Excellent 2 with CQ the next day. Both girls behaved perfectly the whole time, being calm and well behaved during the hotel stay and at the show ground, and that makes me very happy 🙂 

 MLH1140  MLH1332  MLH1301  MLH1083

January 11th, 2016|

First x-rays from the C-litter are in!

July 14, 2015
Ninja, Atlas, Kiito and Nicki from our C-litter have done their HD and ED x-rays and I am happy to see that they all have A/A hips and 0/0 elbows! The rest of them will do their x-rays during the next months. Ted will have to wait a bit longer for his x-rays, after a complete tendon rupture in April. He seems to have recovered well, and some months of rehabilitation is waiting for him. But our sweet little Ted is doing great, and we are so happy to see that! Other than that, the dogs in this litter are very kind and sweet dog, and at the moment they are in the middle of their puberty, with all the challenges that gives 😉
Ninja Atlas Kiito Nicki
July 14th, 2015|
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