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RL1 title for Pippi and Chaco

September 23, 2018

Both Pippi and Chaco have gotten three 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1, and thus received the official title RL1 in front of their name. It’s the first title for them both, and we are mighty proud of them. Chaco has been competed by me, and even though we haven’t had the time to practice a lot, Chaco have really impressed me and gotten one first placement and one second placement in tough competition. He has a wonderful attitude when working, and his heal is really impressive. He for sure make some heads turn when he works, and he gives me such a good feeling by putting so much power and energy to his work.

Pippi has done her qualifying runs with her best friend Bente, and also shown us that she is a ridgeback with that will to please. She will do everything for a treat, and she really doesn’t care at all about all the things that are going on around the ring, other dogs, people etc. She mostly has her eye on her handler, and where the treats are 🙂

They now go under the name RL1 Filippa Rouge Qwandoya and RL1 Wayosi Eimhir Edgar. 

September 23rd, 2018|

New obedience title for Maggie!

September 9, 2018

Hanna and Maggie got their last approved run in obedience start class (LP Startklass) today, and Maggie can now ad the title “LD Startklass” to her name. Big congratulations Hanna, well done! It makes me very proud that Maggie has continued the heritage after her father Sheriff, and proved that willingness to work doesn’t stop after 2 years of age.

Maggie now goes under the name RLDN RLDF SEVCH LD Startklass Wayosi A Kind Of Magic.

September 9th, 2018|

A road trip to Sweden

August 27, 2018

The Swedish Working Dog Association had combined the national championships for obedience, rally obedience, working trials, Swedish protection dog – amongst others, and organized a big dog event in the city of Ronneby south in Sweden. As it happens, this is Hanna’s home town (the owner of Maggie and Fixa), and we were invited to stay with Hanna and her parents while visiting Ronneby. On our way, I also made a stop in Helsingborg to meet Gandi for the first time since he left us as a 4 months old puppy. It was great meeting him again, and what a wonderful boy he has developed to be! Self assured, kind and friendly, and with a great size being around 65 cm and 39 kg. 

All the way from Northern Sweden, we also had the pleasure of meeting Elza and her owner Maria, for the first time since Elza left us as a puppy. They were cheering on a good friend competing in the obedience championship, and we got to spend time with them at the event area. Elza was just as cool and wonderful as Maria had told me she was, and she made me a proud breeder when seeing how unaffected she was with all things going of around her. Elsa, Chaco and Fixa made some head turns by being so cool and well behaved, and just ignoring other dogs almost stepping on them. On the other hand they were focused and eager when asked to work, never taking the focus from the job they were asked to do. Just like a good airedale should be!

On the way home we joined Pia and Gandi at Ljungskile national dog show. Chaco was not this judges cup of tea and got a VG, while Gandi had his debut in the show ring, did a great job and got his first excellent. 

August 27th, 2018|

3 generations photogenic dogs…

August 9, 2018
Take 3 generations of photogenic dogs, place them beside each other, tell them to stay and “VOILA” 😂🙈
13 year old Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff, 7 year old Wayosi A Kind Of Magic ~ Maggie and 4 year old Wayosi Chattahoochee ~ Ninja.
August 9th, 2018|

Isi 9 years old!

July 28, 2018

Today our princess Isi celebrates her 9th birthday! She still looks and behaves like a puppy, always wagging her tail and always in the mood to go for a walk or even better, training obedience! She is still as healthy as they come, and we are asked if she is a puppy   The photos below were taken in June together with her son Chaco

July 28th, 2018|

Happy first birthday to our G-litter!

July 20, 2018

Today our G-litter celebrates their first birthday and we want to congratulate their owners with surviving, and thanking them for giving them such loving homes! I am happy to say that, so far, everyone is super healthy in body and mind, and lets hope it stays that way! No one of the puppies are above maximum height according to the breed standard, and they are rather on the lower side of the standard –  which I highly value! 

July 20th, 2018|

Swedish BISS-2018

July 16, 2018

This weekend we travelled to Sweden, to attend BISS-2018 at Öster Malma. Swedish BISS is my favorite dog show, and it is always a joy to attend. I try to attend this speciality every year, and there are always a great atmosphere around the ring which makes it great to be a Norwegian in Sweden 

I met up with Hanna who have Maggie and Fixa, while I had Ninja and Pippi with me. I haven’t met Fixa since she moved from us at 8 weeks of age last year, so it was a joy to meet her again. I can see so much of her mother Isi in her, but also her father Lasse and his mother Ivy. She is active and curious, social and playful, and so far just as a working airedale should be. In addition she has an extremely good coat quality, and superb body proportions which makes her fit for function. Looking promising! 

On saturday both Ninja and Maggie was signed up for attending obedience start class, and Maggie and Hanna went all the way to best ridgeback of the day! They also got challenge prizes for becoming best obedience ridgeback at BISS, as well as best female obedience ridgeback at BISS! Big big congratulations! They were missing some points to get their last leg for the start class title, but the heat made it difficult for both dogs and owners. Ninja had her first start ever in this class, and we hadn’t even been practicing that much, if anything… She wasn’t convinced that obedience was the best idea this day, and was extremely slow, but still did what she was supposed to, although in slow motion  

Maggies son from her litter at Kawanda, Kawanda After Work Rebel Rebel ~ Nelson was shown in intermediate class with excellent and did great together with his owner. Hopefully they will be seen at more shows in the future! 

On sunday it was time for the girls to be shown, and Maggie was first out in working/hunting class. The judge liked her very much, and she was awarded excellent 2 with CQ. Pippi and Ninja was shown in open class, and Pippi was awarded excellent 4 and Ninja excellent. In best female Maggie ended up as Best Female 10, in though competition with a lot of lovely females! 

Pippi’s critique: 

Well balanced body. Enough wide scull. Very nice neck and topline. Good ridge. Good front and forechest. Excellent rear angulation.

Ninja’s critique: 

Good length of body. Feminin head. Could have little darker eyes. Little bit short muzzle. Very good topline. Good angulation. Little narrow behind in movement. 

Maggies critique: 

Very nice female. Lovely head. Beautiful eye expression. Nice outline. Good ridge. Sloping croupe. Good front. In movement a little narrow behind.

I also got to meet Sheriff’s lovely daughters Dahidos Beloya Av Hilandra ~ Bella and Dahidos Canephora Av Hilandra ~ Nephora, soon 10 years old and in great condition! Bella was BOB in pet class, and Nephora placed 2nd with CQ in veterans class. It was so nice to see the lovely girls, and I can see so much of their father in them!

July 16th, 2018|

First x-rays results of the F-litter are in!

July 11, 2018

First one out from our F-litter to do x-rays on hips and elbows are Wayosi Faolan Faegan Kawanda ~ Fixa and to our delight she came out with HD: A/A and ED: 0/0! Congratulations to us Hanna!  Now we will wait for the rest of the litter to get their x-rays done during fall 2018!

Fixa HD/ED

July 11th, 2018|

Alma gains her first CAC on her first official show

July 9, 2018

Big congratulations to Kaisa, Jenni and Jari with Wayosi Gold Digger Vastakarva ~ Alma and her debut in junior class! At a national show in Kokemäki, Finland she won junior class with excellent and QC, and was later placed as best female with her first CAC and BOS. Good luck with showing her in the future as well! 

July 9th, 2018|

Forever in our heart

June 17, 2018

It’s with great sadness I have to announce the passing of our foundation bitch Tappinskis Peach and Passion ~ Kiwi. She was born May 13, 2008 and was put to sleep June 14, 2018 at the age of 10 years, 1 month and 1 day after finding a tumor with metastasis in her abdomen. Our thoughts are with Hilde and Stig, where Kiwi lived her every day life and was deeply loved and cherished every second of her life. 

Kiwi is the foundation bitch of Wayosi Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and up until today she is behind every ridgeback with the Wayosi prefix. She gave us 24 puppies, and to this date she has gotten 44 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. In one way it is a comfort that she lives on in her descendants. 

Kiwi was a very special dog. Without exaggeration, she was the most intelligent dog I have ever met. She could open every locked door and drawer, and even the refrigerator. She was a notorious food thief, and we have lost count on every person she has stolen food from or all the times she has been counter surfing. She has eaten all the stuff a dog shouldn’t eat, and she’s eaten it without regret at all. She was the type of dog who would observe, learn and act, and sometimes she could drive us crazy with her mischiefs. On the other hand she was the most calm, balanced and unafraid dog and every person who ever met her fell for her beautiful soul. She was the type of dog who would curl up in everyones lap, and she would demand her space. If she was asked to lay in the floor in her dog bed, she would look at you with her never tiresome look, and in the end she would get her will. She was special, and I am happy I got the opportunity to start my breeding with such a wonderful dog.   



I lost a treasured friend today
The little dog who used to lay
Her gentle head upon my knee
And shared her silent thoughts with me.

She’ll come no longer to my call
Eat no more her favorite meat ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called her to his golden throne.

Although my eyes are filled with tears
I thank him for the happy years
He let her spend down here with me
And for her love and loyalty.

When it is time for me to go
And join her there, this much I know
I shall not fear the transient dark
For she will greet me with a bark.

June 17th, 2018|

Maggie and Fixa at Norrköping national dog show

June 3, 2018

Wayosi A Kind of Magic ~ Maggie and Wayosi Faolan Faegan Kawanda ~ Fixa attended a national show in Norrköping, Sweden June 2-3, 2018 and for Fixa it was her first show ever. She did a great job, and gained excellent 1 and ended up as second best female with reserve CAC! Maggie also did a great job, as always behaving her best  and gained excellent 1 and ended up as second best female with her second swedish CAC! Maggies son Kawanda After Work Rebel Rebel ~ Nelson had his dog show debute, and ended as fourth best male with R-CAC. Big congratulations Hanna! 

June 3rd, 2018|

Happy first birthday to the F-litter!

May 26, 2018

Today at May 26th, 2017 our F-litter was born. This was the second and last litter of our wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime Isi, and to our great delight she gave us 7 lovely pups by Lasse von der Christinenheide. The puppies are spread in different parts of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden and they are firstly family members, second working dogs and one are also trained to be used in hunting. We wish you all the best in the future! 

Lovely Wayosi Faolan Finley celebrated his birthday by debuting in obedience beginners class, and managed to get a first prize. Big congrats to Monika and Finley! 

Even though no F-litter pup, we want to congratulate Wayosi Go Gina with her debute in junior class in Denmark today, with excellent 3! Congrats and well done Karina and Gina! 

May 26th, 2018|

Elza qualifying for elite class tracking!

May 21, 2018

Big congratulations to Maria Juslin and Wayosi Eimhir Elza who managed a strong first start in next highest class tracking (högre/B) in the Nordic working dog program, resulting in qualification for the highest class (elite/A). Elza are only 3 years old, and she is the third Airedale competing at this level at the time being in Norway. The other two are also closely related to Elza, being from german working lines as well. We wish you good look in the future! 

May 21st, 2018|

A lovely walk with some of the Wayosies

May 13, 2018

We had a lovely walk with some of our puppies and their owners, as well as our own dogs, and showed them some of Fetsund’s lovely nature. We are looking forward to even more of these walks during the summer 🙂

May 13th, 2018|

Planned litter at Damisis kennel in Sweden

April 9, 2018

We are happy to announce that Damisis kennel in Sweden are planning a litter during fall 2018 after Nixon (Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive) and their lovely female Dizza (Damisi’s Durdaana). They have both quite unique pedigrees, which gives a inbreeding coefficient on 0% on 6 generations. They have both done BPH (behavior and personality test) and MT (mentality test, Svänska Jägareforbundet) with flying colors, and they are quite similar in temperament. They are both social with people and loves to play with toys, they are completely unafraid with great nerves and good concentration. They both loves to train and cooperate with their owners, and are lovely working ridgebacks. At the same time they have the important “on/off button” that gives them the ability to completely relax when needed.We are so much looking forward to this combination, and we have high hopes that this combination will give us lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks with the correct temperament, in a healthy exterior. 

If you would be interested in a puppy from this combination, please contact Petra and Janne Väljä at Damisis kennel.

April 9th, 2018|

Pippi with two 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1

April 8, 2018

Even though Pippi lives with us and with our pack, she has a great relationship with Bente, Halvor and Turid who are the owner of Nixon from our B-litter. And because Bente really loves to train rally obedience, and Pippi loves training with Bente, Pippi has been visiting them every now and then for shorter and longer periods, and joined Bente at rally obedience practice. Together they have had great progress, and Bente and Pippi can now add two 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1 to their list! 

They got 188/200 pints and 193/200 points, with 5th place (of 20) and 4th place(of 20) respectively, and thus 2 times 1.prize and two legs towards the RL1 title. Big congrats Bente and thank you for taking Pippi to practice and competitions! We are very happy to be able to share Pippi with you every now and then! 

April 8th, 2018|

Show success for the G-litter puppies

April 2, 2018

Three of the puppies from our G-litter has shown their paws in the showring, and they have done very well. Not only did they get nice critiques and good placements, but they behaved like pro’s and were super relaxed in the settings around other people, dogs and not least when being touch by the judges. This alone is the biggest victory for me! Biggest congrats from us!

– Wayosi Go With The Flow ~ Gahilli
Best male puppy 6-9 months, BOS (against sister Gina)

– Wayosi Go Gina ~ Gina
Best female puppy 6-9 months, BOB (against brother Gahilli)
Best female puppy 6-9 months, BOB
Best female puppy 4-6 months, BOB

– Wayosi Gold Digger Vastakarva ~ Alma 
Best female puppy 6-9 months, BOB, BIS3!
Best female puppy 6-9 months, BOB
Best female puppy 6-9 months, BOB

April 2nd, 2018|
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