Another week at the Norwegian West Coast – Rugsund

Our first week of holiday was spent at the red arrow, in Batnfjordsøra outside Molde. Our last week was spent in Rugsund, in Nordfjorden.

View from the terrace of our cottage. Hornelen in the background, Northern Europes tallest sea cliff.

Sheriff is wondering if someone is coming to visit?

Isi wants to come inside..

Sheriff chillin…

Hello! I want something to eat!

Sheriff in his favorite position..

Oh my God! I think someone is coming to visit!! Juhuu!

Sheriff’s daughter Løveklippen’s Chanecia Cleopatra “Cleo” came for a visit

Both Isi and Sheriff was more than happy to see her!


Taking a cooling wade

5 years old and still a puppy!

Ahhh.. Lovely!

Sheriff’s #1 in “Best things about the summer”!

Løveklippens Chanecia Cleopatra “Cleo” 2,5 years old

She looks so much like her father, with an even better exterior!


I can, I can!

Cleo also loves to roll around in the grass!

Some familiar resemblances?