Purple puppy in the puppy box
Breed: Airedale terrier
: September 18, 2020
Titles: RL1 RL2 RL3 BH-VT
Reg. nr: NO54823/20
Owner: Kennel Wayosi, Fetsund – Norway
Co-owner: Turid Torget Moseng, Lier – Norway
Height: 62 cm  |  Weight: 26 kg
Hips: C/B (Norway),  A2/B1 (Germany), 4/2 (Australia)  |  Elbows: 0/0
LTV (Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebra): LTV0
VA (Vertebral Anomaly): VA0  |  SP (Spondylosis): SP0
Teeth: Correct and full bite  |  Eyes: ECVO clear, mild Distichiasis on one eye
DM: (Degenerative Myelopathy, SOD1A): N/N (clear) 
LAMP3 (Neonatal Interstitial Lung Disease): N/N (clear)  |  PLN (Protein Losing Nephropathy, NPHS1): N/N (clear)
Factor IX Deficiency (Haemophilia B, discovered in the Airedale terrier): N/N (clear)
Factor VII Deficiency: N/N (clear)
24 hours Holter EKG: 0 PVCs
Wisdom Panel DNA Test Report: link
Embark DNA Test Report: link
Genetic COI, according to Embark: 37%


  • 3 x 1. Prize diploma rally obedience class 1 (Norway) – official title RL1
  • 3 x 1. Prize diploma rally obedience class 2 (Norway) – official title RL2
  • 3 x 1. Prize diploma rally obedience class 3 (Norway) – official title RL3
  • NKK’s obedience diploma in bronze
  • Companion Dog test with behaviour test (Begleithundprüfung) – official title BH-VT


In the puppy box, Nani was the puppy I didn’t get to know entirely before the puppies started to move to their new homes. She was pretty anonymous; she wasn’t the first one to jump onto my lap and wasn’t the first one to explore the world. However, she was pretty independent, unafraid, and physically and mentally strong. So she was the one I decided to keep. At the same time, I decided to keep a Rhodesian Ridgeback male puppy from my before this recent litter, so Nani grew up with her “big brother” and three weeks older RR Buck and my grown-up RR female Ninja. Nani and Buck turned out to be two very similar types of dogs, and as time went by, it became clear to me that having two young dogs that were so similar and trying to find their place in our pack wasn’t fair to any of them. Nani had spent some time with Turid now and then, and I had seen how much they liked each other and how special a bond they already had. So, even if it broke my heart to rehome Nani, it was simultaneously the best decision I could make. Together with Turid, Nani has gotten the possibility to show how an exceptional dog she is, and Turid has managed her qualities in the best way possible. 

Nani is the perfect family dog, being friendly to everyone – both people and dogs. She truly loves children and would like to be around them constantly. Even though she is always ready to work or run after a ball, she also possesses the important “on/off-button” with the ability to calm down completely when she is not working. She is a delight to”take wherever,” whether on the bus, to a café, or for a barbeque at the neighbor’s. Take her skiing, bicycling, walking in the mountains, or for a run – she’s up to whatever. While working, she has excellent concentration and can hold her focus for a long time. She has a great food drive and goes through fire and ice for a tugfight. In a very short time, she has accomplished a lot regarding dog sports, and easily got her rally obedience class 1, 2, and 3 titles and diplomas. She has competed a few times in elite class and has already received her first CAC towards the champion title. She has also started obedience trials and trains Nosework/Smeller. I am sure Nani has all the assumptions to excel in all types of dog sports, from agility and obedience to IGP or Search and Rescue. She would also do great as a service dog or visitor dog at schools and institutions. A genuinely all-around dog!  

Nani is a very healthy dog with no health concerns that need veterinary care. She is a female on the higher end, measuring 61-62 cm, but she is also quite athletic at 23 kg heavy. She is no show dog prospect, having the typical working line exterior where she is a little longer in the back and a bit rounder croup than the usual show dog standard.

She has every quality we are searching for in a dog and is an obvious choice for continuing our line of family dogs and working dogs combined. 

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Nani is a healthy dog in any way and has never had any health issues whatsoever. She has a strong stomach, shiny and strong coat, healthy skin, healthy physics, and last but not least the perfect working Airedale mentality.

Her first ECVO showed two small extra eyelashes (mild Distichiasis) on one eyelid, but these are not causing any discomfort for her whatsoever. At the moment the hairs have disappeared. Distichiasis is quite common in the breed and rarely leads to any symptoms or discomfort.

Nani has HD B (clear) on the right side, and HD C  (mild dysplasia, Norwegian Kennel Klub) on the left side. Her hips have been re-checked at age 2,5 years and there are no signs of arthritis in her hips. When we saw her photos and got the results from the Norwegian Kennel Klub we believed the scoring was kind of strict and decided to re-evaluate her hips after a year or so. We decided to send the x-rays for a second opinion to two different certified veterinarians who do official HD scorings in other countries.

In June 2023 her hip x-rays were sent to Vetscoring UK, Dr. Mariano Makara (EBVS – European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, University of Sydney) for a second opinion. Dr. Makara is also one of 4 radiologists on the Radiologists Panel at the Australian National Kennel Council. Her scores came back as 4/2 meaning a score of 4 on the left side and a score of 2 on the right side, with a total score of 6. A total score of 0 to 4 could be considered as “perfect or near-perfect hips“, while 5 to 10 is considered “borderline changes that are unlikely to worsen with age“. Compared to FCI countries (except the Nordic countries) Nani’s left hip is equivalent to A2 (1-3) while her right hip is equivalent to B1 (4-6) (hip score table). Also, see the tables below.

The traditional advice has been that only dogs with hip scores well below the BMS (breed median score) should be chosen in order to apply meaningful selection pressure ( Ideally, only dogs with total scores of 10 or less should be used for breeding and, more specifically, when these scores arise only from parameters 1 to 3, with a 0 score for parameters 4 to 9 (i.e., no detectable osteoarthritis). This is because total hip score, Norberg angle, and subluxation have the highest heritability, whereas secondary change is more likely to be influenced by age and environmental factors. 

On the right hip, Nani has a score of 1 for Subluxation and a score of 1 for Crabnial Acetabular edge, while the rest is 0. On the left hip, Nani has a score of 1 for Norberg Angle, a score of 2 for Subluxation, and a score of 1 for Crabnial Acetabular Edge. The rest is 0. Based on these results we feel confident that her hip scores are well below the acceptable scores for meaningful selection pressure, and that her hips would likely be scored as “normal/clear/good” if she was residing in other FCI countries than the Nordic countries and thus be cleared for breeding. 

In August 2023 Nani’s hips x-rays was sent to TGZ Oerzen DE, Alexander Koch, HD/ED ZENTRALE (zertifizierter Gutachter und Obergutachter der Gesellschaft für Röntgendiagnostik genetisch beeinflusster Skeletterkrankungen bei Kleintieren e.V (GRSK)) for another second opinion. The results came back as A2/B1 on the left and right hip respectively, which is exactly the same score evaluation as Dr. Makara in Australia gave. 

We believe that these results give us the confidence to breed Nani in the strong belief she would have many good qualities to contribute to a long-term breeding plan. Worldwide, Airedale terriers with C/C hips, are often used in breeding as it mostly doesn’t affect them being a medium-sized dog and doesn’t give any clinical symptoms. However, we do believe that measures should be taken to make sure the hips of the Airedale terrier stay healthy and non-dysplastic. Due to this, we will only breed Nani with male dogs who have a good pedigree and offspring statistics regarding HD.


BPH (Behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 1, 2022. BPH protocolvideo.