We are proud to announce the safe arrival of our B-litter February 18, 2014. We have 5 wonderful puppies, 3 males and 2 females. One of the females are livernosed, the rest are blacknosed. All seems correct so far, and first check showed no dermoid sinus. The delivery was uncomplicated and took 4 hours. 4 of the puppies had birthweight around 500 grams, while the blacknosed female weighed only 250 gram. She seems quite strong, and we are giving her extra care and hope she will gain some more weight quickly. All pups have lovely colors and substance, and we are very exited to see them develop.

 MLH7241  MLH7286  MLH7238  MLH7243  MLH7265  MLH7269  MLH7271  MLH7278