⭐️All good things must come to an end ⭐️
26.06.2005 – 25.10.2018
NUCH LP1 LP2 BH NVV-13 NVV-14 RL1 Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff

Like a whirl wind he came into our life, and kept stirring it up to the very last moment. 4870 days I would never be without. He was my pride and joy, my headache and my everything in between. Together we made memories and friends, and thanks to him I learned what matters. Because of him I will continue reaching for what matters.

The S in Wayosi. Thank you for being the best teacher a girl could ever wish for.


October 25, 2018 we had to say goodbye to our old boy Sheriff. He was close to 13,5 years and even though we had hoped he would live to 100 years, it was his time to leave us. When he turned 13 years summer of 2018 we noticed that he had some issues with his rear, and found that he had calcifications in his back, not unexpected for a dog of his age. Even if we thought that it would be his back who eventually would get the hold of him, he suddently became ill one day and we found that he had a tumor on his aorta, leading to sirculatory failure. There was nothing else to do, and he got to take his last breath October 25, 2018.

Sheriff lived his life to the fullest, and he always went all in. Even though we have other dogs in the house, something was missing when we lost Sheriff. No one is breaking into the garbage cans or stealing food from the counter top. No one is destroying jacket pockets to get that last little piece of some left over treats, and no one tells me that feeding time are long overdue. No one is looking at me with a demanding look and hitting me with his paw to demand some attention, and no one is greeting our visitors just as hard as Sheriff used to do. 
We got him back in a beautiful steel urn, and now he is watching over us from his place in the living room. We are happy that we still have a little piece of him in his granddaughter Ninja, and at some point of time we will be using the semen we have stored from him. It will not bring him back, but perhaps I will have a little piece of him back with me.