After a trip to Germany in January, where Nani and I travelled 3,500 kilometres by car and spent a total of 35 hours on a ferry, Nani was confirmed pregnant with the German male Yoda von der Laubenhaid. We are very much looking forward to seeing what this combination will give us. The puppies are expected during week 13 and will be ready to leave for their new homes during week 21.

We hope that this combination will give us some loyal and friendly family dogs with strong nerves, who are playful and active, and who, in addition, would make a great all-around working dog. Read more about the combination here

We have great expectations about this litter, but we are also realistically aware that nature always has the end saying. Read more here about what you can expect from us as breeders, as well as what we expect from you as a buyer. 

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