:: 28 December
Leon, Juba and Aragorn had their debute in puppyshows today. They all behaved like pro’s, and the one thing I loved the most was their wagging tails and positiv attitude towards everything and everyone! Aragorn was 2.Best Male Puppy, Leon Best Male Puppy, BOB and BIG2, and Juba Best Female Puppy and BOS. Pictures of Aragorn here, Leon here, and Juba here.



:: 18 December
The sweaters are finished! Se more photos here! Thank you mom Marit for making them! We love you! 🙂

 MLH0722  MLH0677  MLH0671


:: 13 December
See some new photos of our lovely girl Juba here, tormenting her big brother Chico! 🙂

The dogs are getting home-made sweaters for christmas from my Mom, they will be so nice when they are finished! 🙂



:: 28 November
We attended the Norwegian Winner Show this weekend, and are really happy with our results!
Sheriff was awarded Excellent, CQ, 4th winner in Champion Class and ended up as 4th Best Male! The judge really liked him, and smiled everytime she looked at him. She loved his expression and allertness and that he is a really fit 6,5-year-old.

Kiwi was also awarded Excellent with CQ, but was unplaced in the big champion-bitch class. Considering that there are only 5 months since she gave birth to 10 puppies, and her tits and belly haven’t drawn up properly, I was very surpised and happy for this result! 🙂 Breed entry 63.

Isi was expertly handled by my friend Julie Wilberg, and they looked smashing together. Isi was awarded Very Good and the judge commented that her coat was to short and she needed more leg-hairs. The body-coat is my mistake, but the leg-hairs are not existing! 😉 But I am happy with our blue ribbon, it proves Isi has both beaty and brains! 🙂

More photos here.


                           Kiwi (Photo: Kamilla Lysaker)                                                   Sheriff (Photo: Päivi Sormunen)                                                                      Isi


:: 20 November
We have had a kennel-meeting today, were 6 of 10 Wayosi A-litter puppies showed up, as well as Sheriff’s 3 year old son Louie. Se pictures here. 


:: 5 November
New photos of Juba and Enya


:: 16 October
New photos of Juno, Leon, Juba, Maggie, Varga and Aragorn!


:: 3 October
Our little darling KANI “Wayosi Achy Breaky Heart” have now moved to his new home! His new owners are “The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted” and if he turns out the way we hope, he will be taken into training as a GUIDE-DOG in a year or two! I am off course very proud and humbled, but I know Kani has a long way in front of him! ♥ But that little puppy is absolutely amazing, so my gut feeling are very good! 🙂


:: 1 October
We have had Juba on a quick visit! New photos of Juba here and Kani here.


:: 29 September
Aragorn have gotten his very own homepage here.


:: 27 September
New pictures of Juba here and Aragorn here!


:: 25 September
We have had visit of Aragorn, look at new pictures of him here and here.


:: 24 September
The puppies are 11 weeks old today, can’t believe how fast the time goes by! I have updated each puppies album with some photos! Kaizer, Kani, Leon, Enya,Aragorn, Juba, Maggie, Juno and Hektor.

The puppies are doing great in their new homes, and their owners says they are cutest when sleeping… They are all little monsters when awake, just as a Wayosi-puppy should be! 🙂 They are all happy, social, unafraid, curious, playful and quick learners. Just as I hoped with this combination! Let’s hope it stays that way! 😉

I am happy to announce our PLANNED B-LITTER summer 2012 with Airedaleterrier from “good old” workinglines! Our fantastic little girl D’Isolde von de Drift “Isi” will be mated with a male from solid workinglines (name to be published when it’s finally decided).  Are you looking for an healthy Airedaleterrier with excellent mentality with all the right qualities to be a successful working-dog, as well as the perfect family-dog, don hesitate to contact us!

Sheriff will sire 2 litters during winter/spring 2011/2012, with the german female Fahari and the norwegian girl Iza. We have high hopes for these to wonderful combinations, and if possible we want to co-own a female from each litter if the perfect owners comes along. Read more here if you could be interested in co-owning a dog with us!

:: 15 September
And then they were 1… Juba, Aragorn, Maggie and Varga have also left us, and Kani will leave us eventually, hopefully making us really really proud in a couple of years.. More info about that will come when the time is right.

I haven gotten wonderful feedback from all the puppy-buyers, and I am so happy that the puppies are just the way I hoped for when planning this litter!

I want to say THANK YOU to all our puppy-buyers for taking such good care of your little Wayosi-puppy!

:: 5 September
And then they were 5… Juno and Leon left on Saturday, Hektor and Enya on Sunday and Kaizer today. I have gotten feedbacks that the puppies have settled down nicely, and are happy and active all day long, just as a Wayosi-puppy should! 🙂

We still have 2 puppies for sale. Miss Black and Mister Orange is still searching for a new home! These to puppies will be perfect for working! They have a lovely outgoing and playful attitude, and are probably the most active puppies in this litter. With the right owners I think they have all the right qualities to be excellent working-  or hunting-dogs! Please contact us if interested!

:: 3 September
The first 2 puppies are leaving today, Miss White and Mister Red, while Mister Blue is leaving on Sunday and Miss Brown on Monday. The rest are leaving the next weekend. It is kind of sad, but on the other hand I see that the world isn’t large enough for the puppies anymore, and they need to move to their new homes now.

I have updated the A-litters photogallery with a lot of new photos, including fresh stacked photos. See more here. I don’t think the stacked photos was the best we could do, but they were so crazy for the food, almost ate my fingers and couldn’t stay properly, so I just wanted to be quickly finished! 🙂

I have also updated the puppyblog.

:: 30 August
Our puppies have done their PAT test today (Puppy Aptitude Test) and I am so proud! They all did such a wonderful test, showing that they are happy, outgoing playful puppies without any fear what so ever! Both judge and audience was very impressed! The puppies did better than I had ever dared to wish for! As I see it, these puppies have the best assumptions to be great dogs, and now it is up to their new owners to use the puppies mentally qualities to their advantage.

The puppies have now gotten their names, and everyone have gotten their own page. Take a look here. All the puppies haven’t gotten their call-names yet, therefore just an “X”. The puppies have gotten their pedigree names after song-titles on A with a positive meaning. So our litters will have song-title theme.

We will co-own Miss Purple – Wayosi A Kind Of Magic – aka Maggie with Hanna in Sweden, and we will also co-own Miss Green – Wayosi All That Jazz (l) – aka Juba when the right owners comes along eventually. 

We still have 2 puppies for sale. Miss Black and Mister Orange is still searching for a new home! These to puppies will be perfect for working! They have a lovely outgoing and playful attitude, and are probably the most active puppies in this litter. With the right owners I think they have all the right qualities to be excellent working-  or hunting-dogs! Please contact us if interested!


:: 27 August
Updated the puppy-blog with new photos!

:: 20 August
New individual 6-week photos of our 10 wonders here!
:: 19 August
Puppyblog updated! 🙂


:: 13 August
Isi did her mentalitytest (MT) yesterday in Sweden and she did absolutely fantastic. What a great girl we have! Couldn’t ask for more, she was perfect! See her protocol and video on her page here.

We have also taken stacked photos of the puppies 5 weeks old. I am very proud of this litter, they are all very even and balanced puppies, both in body and mind. See photos here. We have also had the 3rd sinus-check, and did not find any sinus this time either.

:: 12 August
Blog updated and new photos.


:: 7 August
Some new photos of the puppies 29 days old here, with a little video at the end.


:: 6 August
We have taken the very first stacked photos of our 10 wonders! They just look gorgeous! 😉 Se individual photos here and a lot of mixed photos here.


:: 3 August
The puppyblog is updated and a lot of new photos are publlished! Enjoy!


:: 30 July
The puppies are 3 weeks old today and we have taken individual pictures of them. We tried to take stacked photos, but they were so tired and did not want to stand on their feet. So another time then! 🙂 Yesterday my father helped us making a puppy-garden outside, and it is just great. Escape-safe, a lot of space and with entrance to our veranda.

Se individual pictures here and some mixed pictures here. 


:: 28 July
Isi is 2 years old today, and we wish our little girl happy birthday!

The puppies have been outside for the first time today, and have started to taste dogfood! Read more in the puppyblog!


:: 26 July
Updated the blog and fresh pictures here.

::23 July
New individual pictures of the puppies here.
:: 19 July
Follow the puppies in the puppyblog here! We have weighted them and taken a lot of new photos!

:: 15 July
New individual pictures here and some words in the puppyblog.

:: 14 July
Follow the puppies in the puppyblog here! Also follow the puppypage here for new pictures.
:: 12 July
The pups are growing rapidly, and are strong and healthy. Kiwi is such a good mother, caring for her puppies non stop. Today we also cut their nails for the very first time, they had gotten long already! New pictures and movie here.
:: 11 Juli
Second sinus-check today, and we couldn’t find anything! This means that Sheriff have given 42 puppies, of wich no ridgeless and no DS. Very good! 🙂

New pictures and a little movie here.

:: 10 July
The first individual photos here! All the puppies has gained weight and are strong and healthy.

:: 9 July
Our 10 wonders are here!! 11 puppies were born, 5 females and 6 males. All beautiful ridges. No Dermoid Sinus (1st check 9/7-2011). 2 blacknosed and 2 livernosed correct females and 1 livernosed female with a tiny tiny kink in tail. 1 blacknosed and 4 livernosed correct males, whereas 1 livernosed male deadborn. 1 livernosed male with single crown. Minimum white. This actually gives us 73 % livernosed in this litter! I had never imagined there would be that many of those special livers! But I am so happy that they are here!

Kiwi and her puppies are doing well, and Kiwi is such a gentle and good mum! The puppies are very vital and healthy, and makes a lot of sound when they are not satisfied!

More info here and pictures here.

:: 7 July
Day 59 today, and the birth could start any day now! Kiwi is restless from time to time, and mostly sleeps. She has lost her appetite, and the only way to make her eat a little bit is to give her RC Starter mixed with Vom & Hundemat. Her temperature is stabile, and she has startet to get milk in her nipples. The puppies are still moving around, but there can’t be much space in her belly right now! Kiwi has gotten swollen in her back legs, and blood samples and veterinaries sais nothing is wrong, and it is probably because of the big weight and lower blood circulation to her legs. Let’s hope they are right! Some more photos here.

:: 3 July
Day 55 today, and we have spent the day outside trimming Isi’s coat. Kiwi found it very comfortable to lay down on Isi’s coat on the ground. We are now entering the very last week, and we start monitoring Kiwi at all time. Some new pictures of the dogs here.

                                    All three dogs, and Isi in her new summercoat!

:: 2 July
Kiwi is 54 days pregnant today, and she is starting to getting very tired and the weight of her big belly clearly bothers her. But still one more week left! Everything is now in place, such as puppy-box, equipment for birth, food for Kiwi during birth and puppy-collars in different colors. The vet have been notified that we maybe will call them during next weekend, and good friends is standing by if I need help! 

:: 29 June
We have done an x-ray of Kiwi’s belly, and we could see at least 10 puppies! Poor little girl carrying so many puppies inside of her! Until now she has gained 13 kg (43 % of her bodyweight) and gained 30 cm around her waist and 24 around her belly!

X-ray picture and measures of Kiwi here

:: 27 June
Kiwi is 49 days pregnant today – 14 days until birth. Well that is if she actually goes 63 days pregnant! 🙂

She has now gained 25 cm around her waist, and 19 cm around her belly.

:: 25 June
Kiwi is 47 days pregnant – 16 days until birth! Her belly is growing so fast, and she has gained a total of 10 kg, from 30 kg to 40 kg, and gained 17 cm around her belly!

:: 23 June
Kiwi is 45 days pregnant today – 18 days until birth – and she is getting quickly bigger!! Until today Kiwi has gained a total of 22 cm around her waist and 16 cm around her belly. Only in 2 days, she has gained 5 cm around her belly!
:: 22 June
Some new photos of the dog playing in the garden here.
:: 21 June
43 days pregnant today, and Kiwi has now gained a total of 20 cm around her waist and 11 cm around her belly. The extra weight doesn`t seem to bother her, and she is jumping fences as chasing cats and birds as always!

:: 19 June
Kiwi is 41 days pregnant today, and measure 70 cm around her waist. We have build the whelping- and puppy-box this weekend. We are very pleased with the result, so is Kiwi who started to use it right away!

:: 15 June
We are proud to introduce our kennelname, WAYOSI, and our new homepage!

At day 37, Kiwi now is 67 cm around her waist, and 76 around her belly.



:: June 13
Kiwi is getting bigger and bigger, and today she is 64 cm around her waist, 10 cm more than first day of pregnancy!
:: June 7
I measured Kiwi today, on day 29 of her pregnancy, and she has started to loose her waist! 🙂 She has gained 4 cm around her waist since day 22. Follow Kiwi’s pregnancy here!
:: June 6
Kiwi is 28 days pregnant today, but she haven’t been morning sick or said no to food. She is as cuddly as always, and just as happy!


:: June 2
New picture of Kiwi 24 days pregnant here.
:: May 31
Kiwi is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound!! We are so happy!  22 days pregnant today, and we could see lots of little puppies! Picture of one little puppy here, together with pictures of Kiwi trough her pregnancy.
:: May 29
Maybe 20th day of pregnancy? We keep looking for signs, and Kiwi has for sure gotten more calm and has started to throw up in the evening. Her passion for food is still just as big as always!
:: May 21
12 days since first mating, and we cross our fingers! In the meanwhile take a look at the pregnancy-calendar here, were the steps of the pregnancy can be followed.
:: May 17
Report from SRRS Västra’s specialityshow in Vårgårda, Sweden last weekend here.
:: May 10
Mating has taken place 9th, 10th and 11th of May between Sheriff and Kiwi. Ultrasound will be done in the beginning of June, and hopefully puppies will be born around July 10th.
:: May 7
We have tested the dogs on “line-bear” (line-bjørn) and the conclusion is that we have some very good ridgebacks and one crazy airedale! Read full report and see pictures here.
:: May 6
It’s day 13 of Kiwi’s heat, but still not the proper time to mate. So we wait and wait. In the meanwhile, take a look at some new photos of Kiwi here and here.
:: April 25
Kiwi started her heat yesterday, so we are hoping for mating in 10 days or so!
:: April 24
Some more photos here from the dogs enjoying the lovely Easter-weather we have had!
:: April 17
Some new photos here from a sunday afternoon in the sand-pit.
Ch Kuzonga’s Cheriff                                                    Kuzonga’s Fuga Zhinga
:: April 8
The spring is slowly coming, and we can’t wait for the snow to melt and go tracking and searching again!
We are planning an open house 7th and 8th of May for those who are interested in getting to know us and meet Kiwi and Sheriff in “real life”! Contact us if you would like to come for a visit!
:: March 19
Isi did her mentalitydescription today, read the protocol and watch the video here.
:: March 14
We have got Kiwi’s testresults back, and she is DM normal / free! Good to know!
We are also very proud to present the planned litter between Sheriff and Iza. This means our lovely boy will have not one, but two beatiful girlfriends this year! What a lucky boy! 😉
:: February 12
Sheriff’s lovely ad for The Ridgeback Register made by Jenny Jurnelius  and in larger version here.
:: January 21
We are so happy to introduce Kiwi as the new member of our pack, and proud to present our breeding plans for 2011! Look here for more information!
:: January 15
New pictures from the last day at Casa Cheriff here.
:: January 13

Sheriff’s smiling and happy happy son Loui (Dahidos Mibirisi av Hilandra) has been to the chiropractor today, and just as we thought she found an unalignement / subluxation in his neck and in the pelvic / hip. Loui has never shown signs of pain, but we’ve wondered whether there has been something since he has seemed a little stiff sometimes. We assume that he has been running / playing and got hurt when he was 5-6 months old, and gone with this tightness in his joints for 1.5 years. Wonder how many dogs that get tightness in their joints here and there but never get treatment? Had they only been able to talk! ♥Unfortunately Loui was x-rayed with HD C on one side when he was 12 months, and I guess that this unalignement of his joints could have some cause in that. The other hip was a perfect A. He will be x-rayed again after his treatment is finished, to se if he has improved or gotten worse in his hip.  

Pictures of Loui from August 2010

:: January 1
We are planning our first Rhodesian Ridgeback litter during 2011. More information to come soon!


News 2010 here